Thursday October 10 2019

News Source: Global Exchanges

Focus: Listing Rules

Type: General

Country: Australia


On 8th October 2019, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) released its final response to submissions to its November 2018 consultation paper – Simplifying, clarifying and enhancing the integrity and efficiency of the ASX listing rules. The response includes a range of rule amendments and new and updated guidance.

Key initiatives include:

  • more guidance and direction on the information that should be given to shareholders in notices of meetings
  • more guidance and direction on the voting processes that should be followed at shareholder meetings and more consistent reporting of voting outcomes
  • simpler and clearer processes and forms to announce a proposed issue of shares and to seek their quotation
  • changes to ASX’s quarterly reporting regime to provide a more robust disclosure framework for start-up entities
  • better and timelier disclosure by listed investment companies and listed investment trusts of their net tangible assets (NTA) backing
  • new measures to address breaches of the listing rules.

There are also further enhancements to ASX’s admission rules and processes, including:

  • a simplification of ASX’s escrow rules and guidance to make the escrow process less burdensome for listed entities
  • an extension of ASX’s ‘good fame and character’ listing condition to include non-director CEOs and CFOs
  • measures to address inappropriate behaviours by promoters and professional advisers in new and back door listings.

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