Monday April 1 2019

News Source: Global Exchanges

Focus: Trading Systems and Technology

Type: General

Country: Canada


On 11th February 2019, the Regulatory Division of the Toronto Stock Exchange (TMX) announced the launch of the Participant Portal. The Portal will allow participants to electronically submit approval and transfer requests for approved persons, uniform termination notices (UTNs), approval and transfer requests for MX-ID identifiers, notices of non-compliance (Gatekeeper), corrections to the identification of orders and secure transfer of documents between the Division and participants.

The Division had wished to complete the integration no later than 31st March, 2019. Since the publication of the circular, the Division has e-mailed each participant to collect a list of their mandatory contacts for the Portal, particularly to provide access to the Portal. To date, some approved participants have not yet responded to the Division.

In order to promote a harmonious integration of the new tool, the Division is extending the integration period of the Portal, which must be completed no later than 30th June 2019.

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