Tuesday January 24 2023

News Source: Global Exchanges

Focus: Derivative Market Segment

Type: General

Country: Germany

Link: https://bit.ly/3wr7z8t

On 19th January 2023, Eurex Exchange announced the introduction of Equity Options and Single Stock Futures


The Management Board of Eurex Deutschland took the following decisions with effect from 6th February 2023:

  • Introduction of 11 Equity Options pursuant to Annex B to the Contract Specifications for Futures Contracts and Options Contracts at Eurex Deutschland (Contract Specifications) (Attachment 2),
  • Introduction of 39 Single Stock Futures pursuant to Annex A to the Contract Specifications (Attachment 2),
  • Cancellation of admission to trading for 10 Single Stock Futures pursuant to Annex A to the Contract Specifications (Attachment 2),
  • Further changes to the Annexes to the Contract Specifications pursuant to Attachment 2.

To implement the above decisions, the Contract Specifications will be amended with effect from 6th February 2023, as outlined in Attachment 2.

This circular contains all information on the introduction of the new products and the updated sections of the relevant Rules and Regulations of Eurex Deutschland.

Product overview 

Please refer to Attachment 1 for the products.

Contract specifications and product parameters

In general, contract specifications for the new Equity Options and Single Stock Futures are in line with the existing contracts with the relevant Eurex group ID, also in terms of trading hours and trading calendar, last trading day, settlement and determination of the daily and final settlement prices.

The full version of the updated Contract Specifications will be published on the Eurex website www.eurex.com as of start of trading under:

Rules & Regs > Eurex Rules & Regulations > 03. Contract Specifications

Click on the above link for further information