Tuesday September 10 2019

News Source: Global Exchanges

Focus: Trading Systems and Technology

Type: General

Country: International

Link: https://bit.ly/2lN4uyp

On 09th September 2019, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation and conducted a discussion, marking a new stage in their cooperation.

This represents another progress for SZSE in advancing the capital market serving the “Belt and Road” and deepening and expanding the pragmatic cooperation of cross-border capital markets.

According to the MOU, the two sides will further enhance personnel exchanges and experience sharing, promote the market resources connection and information display, and boost innovative cooperation on cross-border index development and other aspects.

They will build a China-Hungary investment and financing platform for scientific and technological innovation based on SZSE’s investment and financing service platform for innovation and start-up (V-Next platform), so as to build an ecosystem for connecting innovative SMEs with capital in both countries and promote broader cooperation between the two innovation economies through the capital link, thus better serving the real economy progress in both countries.

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