Wednesday February 6 2019

News Source: Global Exchanges

Focus: Croatia

Type: General

Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) and the Toshkent National Stock Exchange have signed a memorandum of mutual cooperation (MoC).  The MoC aims to enhance co-operation between the two exchanges and, subsequently, to increase the attractiveness and efficiency of stock markets.

As part of the cooperation, the exchanges will consider offering access to the stock exchange markets, listing of securities, mutual access to placement, and trading of securities on KASE and NSE Toshkent. Additionally the exchanges aim to share information on exchange-based trades, on traded financial products and their issuers, and share knowledge relating to the development of stock markets. The exchanges will partake in joint activities which will  enhance understanding of the capital markets of both exchanges and will focus on developing IT-infrastructure and implementation of the best practices of stock-trading, pre-trading and post-trading procedures in line with the Memorandum.

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