Monday November 11 2019

News Source: Global Exchanges

Focus: Trading Systems and Technology

Type: General

Country: Taiwan


On 5th November 2019, the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) published a notice stating that the TWSE securities and futures firms shored up defence against DDoS attacks.

Recently, a number of securities and futures firms encountered distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The attacks occupied the bandwidth of their web pages that distributed some online services. TWSE was highly concerned with the cyber threats and assigned emergency taskforce at the very beginning of the DDoS attacks.

In order to mitigate the DDoS attacks, all securities and futures firms have demanded clean pipes/Content Delivery Networks (CDN) services from their ISPs since 2017.

The emergency taskforce – consisting of the exchanges, associations of the related sectors, and telecommunications companies, will convene to deal with the possible DDoS attacks threat.

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