Thursday November 24 2022

News Source: Global Exchanges

Focus: General - Global Exchanges

Type: General

Country: United Arab Emirates


On 24th November 2022, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) has launched its rebranded ADX Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) market pursuant to the introduction of an ETF tracking the FADX 15 –the exchange’s benchmark index launched in March 2022

The rebranded ETF platform will continue to provide investors with enhanced liquidity and solidifies ADX’s ability to innovate and provide world-class investment trading strategies across a diversified set of investment vehicles. Trading in ETFs continues to rise and is supported by ADX’s best in class market infrastructure and strategy to continually innovate, enhance and expand its investment offering

With total traded value surpassing AED 1.5 billion, ADX’s ETF market represents the most liquid and active in the MENA region, offering investors a wide range of investment options, including Sharia-compliant and geographically diversified funds. ADX has witnessed strong year-to-date growth in the ETF market’s trading activity with around 12,500 trades of 243 million units, cementing its position as the premier destination and hub for ETFs regionally as ADX continues to look further afield with plans to list ETFs from global issuers

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