Friday October 29 2021

News Source: Global Exchanges

Focus: General - Global Exchanges

Type: General

Country: US


On 26th October 2021, the BOX Options Exchange (BOX) published that they recently added a new market data product known as the Open-Close Data Report, which will be available for purchase for BOX Participants and non-Participants

The Open-Close Data Report is a volume summary file for trading activity on BOX. The Open-Close Data Report is a historical data product that will be distributed at the end of each day. The Open-Close Data Report aggregates volume by origin, buying/selling, and opening/closing criteria. Public Customer and Professional Customer volume is further broken down into trade size buckets Participants and non-Participants may subscribe to the End of Day Subscription for Open-Close Data Reports or may make ad-hoc requests for a specified month.

The BOX Exchange Market Data Agreement and the Open-Close Data Report Request are available on the BOX website here

The Fees for the Open-Close Data Report will be as follows:

End-of-Day Subscription $500 per month for Participants and non Participants. A free trial is available for three months of Open-Close End-of-Day Data Reports to both Participants and non-Participants for those who have not previously subscribed.
End-of-Day Ad-hoc Request (historical data) $400 per request per month for Participants and non-Participants. An ad-hoc request can be for any number of months beginning with January 2018.

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