Wednesday July 3 2024

News Source: Global Exchanges

Focus: Holidays and Opening Hours and suspensions

Type: General

Country: US


On 2nd July 2024, Interactive Brokers (IBKR) announced the launch of the Eurex/KRX Link with extended trading hours for Korean KOSPI 200 derivatives. This enhancement aligns trading opportunities across Korean, US, and European time zones, providing seamless access for investors during US and European market hours.

The expanded trading hours include a variety of products such as KOSPI 200 Options, Mini-KOSPI 200 Futures, KOSPI 200 Futures, and USD/KRW currency futures. These products are fully fungible with corresponding contracts at KRX, enabling robust risk management and effective investment strategies across different markets.

Recent regulatory changes have simplified the process for foreign investments in South Korean equities, positioning the Eurex/KRX Link to attract more international investors. The extended trading hours cater to the growing influx of global investors seeking direct access to South Korean equities and derivatives.

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